Learning Café

  • Our Learning Café is an alternative learning program that offers a menu of services for students who seek an alternative to the traditional classroom experience. Students attending the Learning Café are considered correspondence students and that enables them to have a flexible schedule and learning plan. Students elect to attend the Learning Café for a number of reasons, but all students attending the Learning Café understand that they will complete a behavior contract as they recognize they are choosing to be in this program.   

    Learning Café Benefits: 

    • Credit Recovery 

    • Online Options 

    • Academic Coaching 

    • Progress Monitoring 

    • Flexible Schedules 

    • Individual Learning Plans 

    • Employability Guidance 

    • Motivational, supportive staff 


    We offer two program options at the Learning Café.  One program is personalized while the other is individualized. Certainly, these options sound similar but there is a slight difference.  The individualized program focuses on students who are looking for a more traditional correspondence learning experience and for students who are prepared to be independent learners, while the personalized program is for students who need something different from the traditional classroom but may need support in becoming an independent learner. 

    Individualized Program: 

    • Work at your pace 

    • Community connections and support 

    • Flexible Scheduling 

    • Independent learning 


    Personalized Program: 

    • Task Management  

    • Time Management 

    • Small group learning 

    • Tutoring 

    • Blended learning center 

    • Study Skills and guidance in becoming an independent learner