• Final requests for reimbursement must be turned in by May 6, 2016. Financial requests for reimbursements following this deadline may be denied.

    Please note that materials purchased with allotments should be returned to AKTEACH at the end of the child’s school. Please ask us for a list of exceptions to this expectation.

    • Parents seeking reimbursement for purchased materials/curriculum must provide the following:

    1. Reimbursements/requisitions require approval.
    2. Original itemized receipt:  dates/rates of service, proof/type of payment.
    3. Fill out and sign a Request for Reimbursement form.
    4. Make sure that item, store and/or instructor is an approved purchase/vendor.
    5. If reimbursed items are returned to a manufacturer or vendor, the refunded dollar amount must be returned to AKTEACH.


    • Parents seeking to purchase an item/items over $100 are asked to do the following:

    1. Fill out Requisition for Purchase Order
    2. Itemized list of materials to be purchased along with vendor name
    3. Add shipping costs


    • Parents seeking reimbursement for internet services must provide the following:
    (Will reimburse $40 per month with the exception of June and July. This money does not come out of student allotments)

    1. Original bill from Internet service provider that shows the previous month of service has been paid.
    2. Fill out and sign a Request for Reimbursement form.


    • Parents seeking reimbursement for vendors (dance, horseback riding, karate, etc.) must provide the following:

    1. Make sure your vendor is on our Vendor List.  If he/she is not on the list, fill out the Vendor Approval form before submitting any receipts
    2. Fill out and sign a Request for Reimbursement form.
    3. Original receipt must be submitted with the Reimbursement form that includes the following:

    a.  Name of Vendor
    b.  Date of service
    c.  Name
    d.  Description of Service
    e.  Rate
    f.   Balance that is owed
    g.  Payment Received and how it was paid for (check, credit card, etc)
    h.  Signature of Vendor


    Please note that requests for reimbursements will not be processed without the completion of required paperwork (ILP, quarterly/semester reports, work samples, and required documents for enrollment). Further, requests for reimbursements can not be processed if the materials/services purchased is not related to what is on the ILP.