North Star School Update from Superintendent Dr. Mika 3:20 pm

Nov 30, 2022

KIBSD Families,

I want to thank everyone for their patience as the events of the day rapidly unfolded and information was limited. I’m relieved to let our KIBSD family and community know that law enforcement has determined that the suspicious box was not a threat and North Star Elementary is no longer an active scene. The campus has been released back to the District, all roads surrounding are back open to the public, and students will return to school tomorrow.

Around 10:00 this morning, a suspicious box was identified at the North Star Elementary entrance. The markings and design of the box were such that administration notified law enforcement and sheltered students in place away from the area. Law enforcement deemed it a credible threat and the order to evacuate was given. At this time, Jerry Clark, First Student Transportation, mobilized buses on which students and staff were evacuated to Bayside Fire Department. Once all North Star was accounted for at Bayside, the District began the reunification process with families.

Law Enforcement called for additional support from the FBI. During the investigation by the Alaska State Troopers, a community member came forward with information and let law enforcement know that he had found the box and left it at the school, thinking it was a student’s toy. As a result of their further investigation, law enforcement determined that there was not a threat to the students or staff.

I know that today was a stressful situation for all families and staff involved, as well as our entire KIBSD community. Our response was in the best interest of student and staff safety, which will always be our highest priority.

I want to thank everyone involved today for their efforts in keeping our students safe and quick response. I want to especially thank the North Star families for entrusting their most precious children to our care and for their patience as we mobilized for their reunification. KIBSD administration will be conducting an after‐action review with emergency responders. This will help us identify what went well and areas for improvement should such an emergency occur in the future.

An event like this reminds us of how connected we all are to each other. I’m grateful to live in a community that works together in times of need. I know that as I drive home tonight and greet my son with a huge hug, I’ll be saying a prayer of thanksgiving that the events of the day were resolved in the manner they were and that all our students and staff are safe.

With gratitude and thanks,

Cyndy Mika, Superintendent

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