Message from Superintendent Dr. LeDoux

May 12, 2022

May 12, 2022

Dear KIBSD Community,

As we come toward the end of this heavy week, we continue to hold Sawyer and his family close in our hearts and thoughts. Thank you to every person who has joined in the search efforts over the past six days and for the myriad ways you have supported those involved. We have witnessed astonishing unity and strength from our community as people have come together in shared hope and strength. Our concern for kids and sense of belonging to each other has transcended anything that has threatened to divide us.

We continue holding on to hope while also acknowledging that the prolonged uncertainty makes it difficult to answer our kids’ questions and our own. It is difficult to process or know how to proceed without a clear resolution. Just as we continue to stand in support of the family, we stand in support of one another. As we work to provide stability for kids, we must also remember to identify and acknowledge our own feelings, reach out for help when needed, and take care of ourselves so we can be strong for others.

If you see students struggling, please reach out to the school. Our entire school counseling team is ready to respond, listen, talk, and provide a safe, comforting space for both students and staff to process their questions and feelings. They have also posted several resources on the district website that you may find helpful in your own conversations with kids:

Meanwhile, we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that our schools are safe, stable, strong places for all kids, places where they feel supported and cared for, and places where they have a sense of belonging. It is a gift to be part of a community that shows up for kids with such force, resolve, and compassion. We aim for our schools to be a reflection of all that you have shown this week.


Larry LeDoux

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