Happy National School Nurse Day!

May 11, 2022

KIBSD students and staff benefit from the hard work and dedication of our nurses.  Please join me in honoring our nurses today.  Below are some quotes collected from around the district, and some information about our wonderful nurses.

Quotes From Around the District

“Thank you to our nurses!”

“Thank you so much for giving it your all each and every day that you are in the building! You have shown that not all superheroes wear capes. You are treasured, and because of your passion and determination, we live in a happier and healthier world! “

“Thank you for your never-ending dedication to keeping our staff and students safe in our schools. Your kindness, compassion and optimism do not go unnoticed. These past few years have been a roller coaster and you have met each challenge with grace, patience, and perseverance. We live in a happier and healthier world because of you. You are appreciated!”

“Thank you for being so amazing! Your compassion, patience, kindness, and positivity have not gone unnoticed. You have gone above and beyond these last two years. You are greatly appreciated and loved. ❤️. Happy Nurse’s Day!”

“Our nurse is unstoppable and on top of it. I feel so safe when I am at my school and her friendliness, willingness to help others, and genuine care for students, staff, and families is unmatched. She is an incredible resource for health information and incredibly skilled at what she does. It is a joy to know and work with her!”

“Your passion for your work is unparalleled. Thank you for supporting our students. Happy Nurse’s Day!”

“Thank you for always doing all that you can do to help keep everyone safe! I am so grateful for you as a parent, coworker, and friend! We love you!”

“From a student’s first visit to their school nurse to their last visit, and on every visit in between, you have shown such care and compassion to each and every student each and every time. Thank you for caring for our students and families with your kind heart and dedication. Happy Nurse’s Day!”

“Thank you for all your assistance during a difficult year with the pandemic. I truly appreciate you getting answers to all my questions and supporting me with all of the changes that occurred throughout the year.”

“Thank you for everything. You are an amazing advocate for all of our students, and we are so grateful you’ve been here!”

“You are a role model for everything we would want our students to exhibit. You are kind, compassionate, positive, easy to talk to, committed to doing your best, responsive with healthy boundaries, and an absolute pleasure to work with! Thank you for all that you do for our students and staff!”

North Star Elementary Nurse Amy Cowley
Nurse Amy is originally from Virginia and moved to Alaska last year with her husband who is in the USCG. Nurse Amy has been a nurse for 3 years but worked in physical therapy for 5 years prior to becoming a nurse. When she is not working as the North Star nurse, Amy enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, and spending time with her husband and awesome cat Binx!

East Elementary Nurse Lisa Cooper
Nurse Lisa has been a nurse for 13 years.  She graduated from the nursing program here in Kodiak in 2008.  When Lisa is not working as the East Elementary nurse, she likes to garden and go for walks with her dogs in her free time.

Main Elementary Nurse Kim Martin
Nurse Kim has been in the nursing profession for over 37 years. She worked in sports medicine, critical care nursing in the NICU at Anchorage’s Providence Hospital, followed by many years of school nursing for KIBSD.  When Kim is not working as the Main Elementary Nurse, she enjoys tap dancing, musical theatre, hiking and gardening, taking pictures of the intricate beauty of nature, and spending time with family and friends.

Peterson Elementary Nurse Hayley Yawn
Nurse Hayley is originally from Mississippi and her family moved to Kodiak in 2019. Nurse Hayley has been at Peterson for 2 years but has been a nurse for 9 years. When she is not caring for her Puffins at Peterson Elementary, you can find her fishing, kayaking, hiking, or having a movie night with her family. Hayley is moving to Hawaii this summer and will dearly miss her KIBSD family!

Middle School Nurse Chloe Nelson
Nurse Chloe was born and raised here in Kodiak. She graduated from the Kodiak nursing program through UAA with her Bachelors Degree in the Science of Nursing in 2020.  When Chloe is not working as the Middle School nurse, she enjoys hiking with her husband and dogs.

Kodiak High School Nurse Megan Kouremetis
Nurse Megan was born and raised in Kodiak, went to nursing school here in Kodiak, and graduated in December of 2006 through UAA.  Megan has been a nurse for 15 years and worked as a Nurse Manager at PKIMC.  She is currently 2 classes away from graduating with her Bachelors Degree in the Science of Nursing.  Megan is also the CNA teacher at the Kodiak High School. Nurse Megan has 2 kids and is so excited to have her first summer off since nursing school to be able to enjoy it with her family at their salmon set net site in Moser Bay.

Kodiak High School Nurse Krystle Dube
Nurse Krystle recently graduated from UAA with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).  She is a mother of four and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. In the winter, you can find her rink-side cheering on at Hockey practices and games.  In the summer, she enjoys fishing, camping, and riding four wheelers. Nurse Krystle is excited to start her nursing career at KIBSD and looks forward to keeping our students happy and healthy.

Nurse Coordinator Michelle Odlin
Nurse Michelle moved to Kodiak in 2013.  She has been a nurse for 11 years and has worked as a KIBSD school nurse for the last 8 years.  Nurse Michelle is passionate about training new school nurses and works hard to bring best nursing practices from the national and state level back to the Kodiak school nurse team. She is looking forward to returning to her North Star Navigators in the winter of 2022.  Nurse Michelle has three adventurous daughters who love exploring Kodiak and fishing with her husband on their seining boat, the Laidy Sage. When she isn’t working as a school nurse she loves art, crafting, snowboarding, and outdoor adventures with her family.

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