Letter from Superintendent Dr. LeDoux

Apr 12, 2022

Dear KIBSD Families,

Spring has sprung in KIBSD! In just the last few weeks, we have seen the return of school dances at KHS, Friday Night Live at KMS, school assemblies, and parent volunteers returning to classrooms across the district. As we emerge from an era dominated by pandemic response and mitigations, we are buoyed by the social activities that fortify school communities, build strong social relationships, and enrich education.

We are also pleased to announce that as of last Friday, all administrative positions have been filled in the district. We were fortunate to be able to fill these positions with strong internal candidates – leaders who have many years of service, a wide range of local educational experience, and a vested interest in the Kodiak schools and community.

As we wrap up this school year, the current and incoming leadership teams are committed to ensuring smooth transitions. Dr. Mika has been meeting regularly with myself and other district leaders, individually and collectively, in person and virtually. Her Kodiak visits in March and May are continuing communication and planning, paving the way for the official transition into the role of Superintendent in July.

Across the district, incoming and outgoing leaders in all positions are actively collaborating to review all facets of our instructional program to facilitate continuity, stability, and growth at every site. While we have always remained focused on instruction, learning, safety, and meeting student needs, we are eager to devote more of our collective attention and resources to improving our educational programs.

With change comes opportunity, and we are grateful for this opportunity to look at our district through fresh eyes, and for the opportunity to resume work that was started pre-pandemic, with renewed focus. Please contact the office of the Superintendent if you have input or questions about these transitions or the work of district. We appreciate your perspectives and your partnership with us.

Wishing you and your families a bright and joyous spring!


Larry LeDoux

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