Kodiak Emergency Operations Center COVID-19 Update March 18, 2021

Mar 18, 2022

Kodiak Area Emergency Services Organization 


The Emergency Services Council met this morning and voted to stand down the Declaration of Public Health Disaster Emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic dated March 18, 2020. The Emergency Services Council also voted to end the regular announcement of new COVID-19 cases reported for the Kodiak Island Borough. Today’s announcement is expected to be the last. 

The Kodiak Public Health Office is in the midst of a move to new offices and has not had access to their normal communication tools since Monday March 14th. Information about two (2) cases is available for this announcement 

  • One (1) case was tested on 3/7/22 
  • One (1) case were tested on 3/10/22 

Both cases are classified as community spread. 

The total case count associated with the Kodiak Island Borough is now four thousand nine hundred and thirty-four (4934) with three (3) cases currently classified as active. There have been one hundred and twenty-two (122) local hospitalizations associated with COVID-19, and there are no active cases currently hospitalized in Kodiak. Eleven (11) deaths associated with COVID-19 have been officially reported for the Kodiak Island Borough. 

Anyone wishing to remain informed of local COVID-19 case information may visit the State of Alaska COVID-19 webpages found at www.covid19.alaska.gov. 

The Emergency Operations Center team would like to thank the residents and visitors of the Kodiak Island Borough for all of the efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our community and for keeping COVID-19 from overwhelming the local health care system. 

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