Changes to Masking Protocol Effective February 28, 2022

Feb 24, 2022

KIBSD Families and Staff:

Starting on February 28, 2022, masking is recommended but not mandatory for students and staff.

We are embarking into this new change in our protocols that will continue to require flexibility and collaboration with staff, families, and students. The most critical component to remember is that mutual respect is the foundation of our success.

KIBSD is working to make sure that students and staff are as comfortable as possible regardless of the decision they make concerning mask usage. Please encourage conversations about positive interactions, as it is important that students, staff and families remain respectful of one another at all times. Teachers will encourage students to follow the expectation of their families.

Some classrooms or schools may be required to mask, for a period of time, based on level of contagion.

Masking will continue to be required in certain circumstances, such as:

  • Identified close contacts – masking through Day 5, with proof of negative PCR/Molecular test may remove mask on day 6
  • Individuals who tested positive that return to school – on day 6 through 10
  • All individuals entering a KIBSD nurse’s office
  • All parents or guests entering a district building

Please carefully review the attached flier for more information on our masking protocols.

We are hopeful that the contagion in our community will allow us to remove mitigations.  KIBSD will respond to contagion in consultation with medical professionals by making adjustments as we are able.  If a change is required, families and staff will be notified of this transition. Other mitigation strategies and COVID-19 protocols continue to be in place District-wide.

To ensure that our schools remain open, the most critical mitigation measure will be the effort to keep our schools symptom-free.  We will need all families, students, and staff to monitor closely for signs and symptoms of illness, and to stay home if they are sick.  Together, we can work to keep KIBSD healthy and focused on learning.

Parents, more information will be coming from your student’s school. Please contact your building administrator if you have questions.


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