Letter to Staff and Families

Nov 1, 2021

ATTENTION: KIBSD Staff & Families

The local Public Health office has brought to our attention that a number of calls have been received today voicing concern that the District will be taking part in the administering of COVID-19 vaccinations to children without the knowledge or consent of their parent or guardian.  Please be assured that this is not true.  At no time will KIBSD staff administer vaccinations to children without appropriate parent/guardian consent.

The District recognizes that the decision to vaccinate is a personal and family choice.  While we understand that there are numerous points of view surrounding the subject of vaccination, KIBSD has maintained a neutral stance on the issue of vaccinating children and adults against the COVID-19 virus and does not require this vaccination to participate in school or school activities.  While the District does collaborate with the local Public Health office to provide space and opportunities for vaccination clinics for those who make the choice to vaccinate, all vaccines administered are done so with parental/guardian consent, and by individuals with the appropriate training to administer the vaccine.  It’s all about choice.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to call the Central Office at (907)486-7550 or via email at CentralOffice@kibsd.org.

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