Kodiak Mask Mandate Effective August 27, 2021

Aug 27, 2021

Kodiak Area Emergency Services Organization

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a public health emergency that threatens to overwhelm our health care system, endangering the lives and well-being of our citizens.

The CDC recommends wearing masks or face coverings in public settings in addition to maintaining physical distancing. In line with this recommendation, the Emergency Services Council puts forth this mask mandate regulation to preserve the health and safety of our community.

In accordance with KCC 2.32.030, 2.32.040(b)(I) and KIBC 2.110.030 The Emergency Services Council has the authority to issue a mask mandate to protect the citizens of Kodiak. All individuals must wear masks or face coverings over their noses and mouths when they are indoors in public settings or communal spaces such as, but not limited to, grocery stores, retail stores, religious institutions, educational facilities, restaurants and bars.

A face shield is generally not permitted in lieu of a mask or face covering, as face shields are less effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. However, face shields may be permitted m lieu of a mask or face covering for the following individuals:

a. Any individual who cannot tolerate a mask due to a physical or mental disability;
b. Individuals who are communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing;
c. Individuals performing an activity that cannot be safely conducted while wearing a mask for example; a driver experiencing foggy glasses, a dental patient receiving care, and an equipment operator where there’s a risk of dangerous entanglement.

Employers must make sure employees who are present in the workplace have access to and wear masks or face coverings when with others.

Businesses and building owners shall deny admittance to nny individual who fails to comply with this regulation and shall require or compel removal of such individuals from the premises. Provided, however, that this regulation shall be applied in a manner consistent with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and any other applicable provision of law. Businesses may choose to allow individuals who request an accommodation under the ADA to wear a foce shield, or may consider accommodating these individuals through altemate means of providing goods or services, such as curbside, delive1y. or telephonic service.

Exceptions to the mask mandate are:

a. Employees within their own fully enclosed office or workspace or within an enclosed workspace if they are totally alone.
b. Those who cannot wear a face covering due to a medical or behavioral condition
c. Individuals removing their masks or face coverings to eat or drink.
d. Any child under the age of two years. Masks are recommended, but not required, for children ages two through five. Daycare settings that serve preschool children are encouraged but not required to enforce mask usage for children age two and older.

“Mask or Face covering, means a cloth, polypropylene, paper or other face covering that covers the nose and the mouth.

“Face shield” means a clear plastic shield that covers the forehead, extends below the chin, and wraps around the sides of the face.

The purpose of this mask mandate is to reduce community transmission of COVID-19 and allow business and other activities to operate and avert a mandatory closure.

Effective Date: August 27, 2021 until further notice.

Mike Tvenge
Kodiak Area Emergency Services Director

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