• Business Management


    Business Management and Administration careers encompass planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations. Business Management and Administration career opportunities are available in every sector of the economy.

    Courses available at Kodiak High School


    Business Applications

    Grade Level(s): 9-12; Semester Course
    Prerequisite(s): None. 
    This course covers the skills and computer software knowledge that students need to succeed in postsecondary education and training and in the world of work. Keyboarding skills, plus word processing, spreadsheet, basic accounting, presentation, and media skills (both video and audio) are all covered.


    Business and Entrepreneurship I

    Grade Level(s): 9-12; Year-long course
    Prerequisite(s): None. 
    This course covers the foundations of running a business, including customer relations, finance and accounting, human resources, information management, marketing, operations, project management, and quality management. It also covers fundamental economic principles and the role of the entrepreneur in American and global business.


    Business and Entrepreneurship II

    Grade Level(s): 10-12; Year-long course
    Prerequisite(s): Business and Entrepreneurship IThis course goes deeper into business basics, including entrepreneurship, economics, business law, and ethical and social responsibility. But the course also focuses on the creation of an actual marketing plan for a product and on the creation of an actual business plan for the student’s own business idea.