Social Studies Curriculum

  • Social studies, as defined by the National Council for Social Studies, is the interdisciplinary integration of social science and humanities concepts for the purpose of practicing problem solving and decision making for developing citizenship skills on critical social issues. At Kodiak Island Borough School District the disciplines of geography, history, government and citizenship are incorporated into the curriculum. The primary purpose of social studies is to provide students with the tools and strategies to make informed decisions for the public good, as global citizens in a culturally diverse and interdependent world.

    Awareness of and acceptance for all cultures begins with developing an understanding of the diversity within families, the school setting, and local community. This understanding is deepened at the secondary level through the study of the history of Alaska, the United States and its government as well as the world. Instructional practices are encouraged to incorporate art, song, technology, reading, writing, and oral speaking. The integration of the social studies content and reading standards is essential in allowing teachers to effectively streamline teaching and learning in order to meet the rigor of the Alaska state standards. The essential learnings for each grade level are designed around the Alaska State content and cultural standards in Social Studies in the areas of: geography, government and citizenship, history, and world langauges.

    Educators are encouraged to connect with the rich variety of available resources on Kodiak Island to support the social studies curriculum. KIBSD values its relationships within the community and recognizes the wealth of information and resources available to enhance learning experiences for all students.

    The social studies curriculum document contains the essential learnings for each grade level with vertical alignment from grade to grade. Online and text resources are noted, along with activities that correspond to each essential learning. Effective instructional practices paired with community resources and educator collaboration will enhance student learning experiences in social studies.

Grade Level Overview

  • Kindergarten - Grade 5

  • Grades 6-12