Summer Learning Information & Expectations

  • If you choose to take a course over the summer, it will be your responsibility to make sure that you have:

    1. A computer with word processing, powerpoint, spreadsheet making capability, and flash player. Depending on the course, you may be asked to download software.
    2. Internet access for the computer.
    3. Someone who can help you if you get stuck or need tutoring.


Successful Behaviors

    1. Check the Organizer to see you assignment calendar at least twice a week.
    2. Log on at least five days a week, dedicating 2-3 hours a day per class. If you are working on a full credit course, be prepared to dedicate even more time each day.
    3. Check your email in the Organizer and use the email to communicate to your course instructor weekly.
    4. Use online resources like Khan Academy to help you if you get stuck on a concept.
    5. If your family is traveling, camping, fishing or doing an activity that takes you away from internet access, plan ahead and work ahead.
    6. Contact AKTEACH staff in August to take the End of Course exam.
    7. End of Course Exam proctoring begins August 1 and goes through August 9, 2018. The exam can be done earlier by appointment.


Summer Online School Information

    1. Courses begin May 29, 2018 and end August 9, 2018.
    2. Final grades for courses will be submitted on August 13, 2018.  There are no course extensions.
    3. Each regular course is $150.00.
    4. If you are interested in taking a World Languages or AP Course there is an additional $350.00 fee for the instructor, that means the course will cost $500.00.
    5. There are no refunds for course fees. If you do not finish the course, the grade you earned will go on your transcript.
    6. To pay for courses you can write a check to: KIBSD with a note in the memo that says “AKTEACH Online Course”.
    7. To pay with a credit card, let the counselor or person enrolling the student know and you will be able to pay for the course through PowerSchool. 
    8. KHS or rural schools counselors can do the registration for students. We are only taking KMS students under special circumstances as reviewed by the Director of AKTEACH.





    FOR QUESTIONS PHONE: 907-539-9088