Standards & Curriculum

  • The Kodiak Island Borough School District delivers instruction through standards and benchmarks for all academic curriculum.  Standards provide a consistent and clear understanding of expectations and are designed to encourage the highest level of achievement for every student.

    Navigating the KIBSD Standards and Aligned Documents 

    Content areas may include the following: 

    Standards ALL Documents Folder:  This folder has multiple documents listing standards for each grade level and/or course associated.  Highlights you will find:

    • Standards arranged within topics
    • A diagram with information explaining the identification codes, language, and relationship with state/national standards
    • General information about the content area

    Proficiency Scale Folder:

    • A Proficiency Scale is a resource tool, used by students and teachers, to clarify the learning associated with a score 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 for each standard
    • A work in progress
      • Our goal is to develop a proficiency scale for each KIBSD standard
      • Additions to this folder will be ongoing
      • These will begin as drafts and will be updated, if needed, based teacher feedback

    K-12 Scope and Sequence of Standards:  This document provides a continuum of standards, arranged by topics, from K-12th grade.

    Marzano Taxonomy:  This document provides an illustration of taxonomy used within the standards and proficiency scales.  This taxonomy clarifies the depth of understanding and supports a progression of learning within a standard (proficiency scale) and between standards (scope and sequence).