• Receipts dated before December 1st are due December 7th, 2018. Final requests for reimbursement for receipts dated December 1st – May 10th, must be turned in by May 10th, 2019. If the December 1st deadline is missed and the parent has receipts from 1st semester, the receipts may be turned in by May 10, 2019. However, any receipts received after May 10, 2019 will not be processed. Please note that non-consumable materials purchased with allotments should be returned to AKTEACH at the end of the child’s schooling experience. Please ask us for a list of exceptions to this expectation.

    When You Begin Homeschooling With Us and At The Start of Each New School Year:

    1. Pick up a new W-9 and ACH form at the AKTEACH Homeschool office or download them from the AKTEACH website or the KIBSD website.
    2. Turn in the completed forms before you submit your first items for reimbursement. 
    3. The sooner you complete the forms, the sooner you will be able to get your reimbursements processed.

    Please note that materials purchased with allotments should be returned to AKTEACH Homeschool at the end of your time with us. Please ask us for a list of what is exempt from this request.

    As a reminder, all items you purchase will need to be connected to your child's learning plan and goals. If you ever have concerns about items you intend to purchase meeting that expectation, please contact your child's learning plan teacher/homeschool coordinator. 

    If you intend to make a purchase over $200.00 you need to obtain AKTEACH Homeschool administrative approval before you make the purchase.  

    When you purchase services from a vendor, the vendor must be on the AKTEACH Homeschool vendor list or must be approved before you begin purchasing services submitted for reimbursement by AKTEACH Homeschool administration and the KIBSD business department. Individual tutors must have a license and must pass a background check. Local business vendors need be on our approved vendor list or need to be approved by submitting a W-9 and business license and must be approved before you begin purchasing services from the business.  

    Steps for Submitting a Reimbursement Request:

    1. Check to be sure you have submitted a W-9 and ACH form.
    2. Use the Request for Reimbursement form to complete the request.
    3. Provide a clear, itemized description list on the Request for Reimbursement form.
    4. Verify that your receipt is going to be accepted by seeing the explanation below.
    5. Verify the total on your receipt with the total of the amount of the items you are requesting reimbursement on. Make the total of what you would like reimbursed from the receipt clear (see description below for how to prepare a receipt).
    6. Attach all receipts to the form and sign the form.
    7. Email or turn in the form and receipts to AKTEACH staff.  You can email the items to: and carbon copy (cc) your child's homeschool teacher/coordinator.

    Sample Reimbursement Request 

    Steps for Verifying That Your Receipt is Acceptable:
    Each receipt (proof of payment) submitted for reimbursement must contain the following information:

    1. Name of vendor
    2. Date of purchase or services rendered
    3. When the receipt is for lessons, student name needs to be on the receipt
    4. Description of item or description of service
    5. Details of purchase including: number of items, unit price, tax, and total cost of purchase
    6. Method of payment listed on the receipt such as cash, check, or credit card.
    7. Receipts that are submitted must be clear and readable. (Please see "How to Prepare a Receipt" below for more detail)
    8. Proof of purchase for online payment must show method of payment, payment date, and amount paid.
    9. Receipt Checklist

    How to Prepare a Receipt:
    Financial auditors require the cleanest, clearest version of a receipt possible.  To help you prepare that item, see these steps:

    1. Verify that your receipt has all of the appropriate information as stated above.
    2. When taking a picture, be sure you use a large file size, steady your camera and proof the shot for clarity.  Clear and readable pictures of receipts tend to be challenging, so allow for enough time to take multiple pictures and be prepared to have an unclear photo returned. If you are concerned that the photo will have clarity issues, provide a written guide on the photo clearly showing amounts, descriptions, and totals. (A receipt tape is old-fashioned but works well)
    3. Avoid highlighting with markers as it makes digital copies dark and unreadable.
    4. When scanning a receipt watch for wrinkles that may obscure numbers or description information.
    5. When possible, submit originals.

    It is important to note that requests for reimbursement will not be processed without the completion of required paperwork (ILP, quarterly/semester reports, work samples, and required documents for enrollment).  Further, requests for reimbursement that are not related to the ILP cannot be accepted.