• Quotation Left AKTEACH gives students an opportunity

    to progress and learn the same material they

    would in class, but at their own speed and on their own terms.Quotation right  

    ~ G. Fitzgerald  12th Grade



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    Alaskans Transforming Educational Access within Communities and Homes (AKTEACH) recognizes that the traditional brick and mortar model of educating students has its limitations and seeks to meet the diverse educational needs of learners through our application of the 3W principle - Wherever, Whenever, Whatever.  AKTEACH’s intent is to provide diverse educational opportunities: Wherever the student is currently located (home, school, or mobile); Whenever they need access to content (any time of the day); and Whatever the content needs may be (diverse course offerings regardless of the students' geographic location).


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    Online or virtual learning is a term that covers a variety of learning experiences that employ the use of web-based and digital tools to allow teachers and students who aren't in the same physical space to meet together. The goal of online learning is to bring students and teachers together for an educational experience; no matter where they are.

    Online learning allows for students to have a personalized learning experience because students have access to the experience anytime, anywhere, and for whatever they want/need to learn. Online learning has increased access to previously inaccessible content and courses for students who have historically had limited access due to geographic or financial barriers. The development of online learning programs, software, and learning management systems has increased the personalization of learning and skills acquisition tracking.

    AKTEACH offers a host of online learning opportunities for students through the use of programs like Edgenuity, blended learning models, synchronous models, and asynchronous models.  These options allow schools, parents, and students more choices as they map out a student’s high school career. AKTEACH’s online learning options allow providers to ensure a learning experience that meets the needs of every learner.



    Dedicated to providing cutting- edge K-12 school programs that allow Alaskan parents to select from a wide range of traditional homeschool and digital curriculum options. Alaska homeschool students have access to AKTEACH's accredited academic and elective courses and a full range of inter-scholastic activities.

    Local AKTEACH students have the option of accessing the district’s programs and facilities. Academic, elective courses and after-school activities are available to local AKTEACH students. Team sports, group musical instruction, correspondence courses, and after-school clubs are just a few of the many opportunities available. Additionally, local AKTEACH students have the opportunity to participate in Homeschool Swim and Ice Skating events as well as other locally hosted social events.



    Providing a unique model of blended learning with a student-centered focus. Not only do students engage in online learning in pedagogically valuable courses, but participate in planned face-to- face activities. This allows teachers and students to build genuine online learning experience through face-to-face interaction, developing solid rapport and increased learning goals.



    While virtual and online learning isn't new, this area of education has experienced new growth and change recently. The need to stay abreast of new and best practices in this realm of education speaks to the opportunities in professional development that AKTEACH offers.

    AKTEACH has a team of professionals with experience teaching in virtual and online courses who can provide quality training in the pedagogy and tool use of online learning. AKTEACH offers courses through Kodiak College for continuing education credit, hosts a yearly virtual learning conference with presenters who address the specific needs of virtual educators, and provides specific training on online learning pedagogy and tools use.



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