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  • The purpose of the AKTEACH Homeschool is to provide a cutting-edge, K-12 schooling option that allows parents to select from a wide range of traditional homeschool and/or online school options. Students will also have access to district academic and elective courses and a full range of extracurricular activities.  Team sports, group musical instruction, correspondence courses, and after-school clubs are just a few of the many opportunities available. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in Homeschool Swim and Ice Skating events as well as other hosted social events.

    Parents teach to their children’s individual abilities and learning styles by using the curriculum of their choice. Approved curriculum is paid for through an allotment set up for each student to meet his or her educational needs. The non-consumable portions of these materials are required to be returned to AKTEACH Homeschool when the child is withdrawn from the program.

    Enrollment is open to school-age students (ages 5 to 20) who reside within the Kodiak Island Borough.