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    For information on all job openings in the District go to KIBSD Frontline Employment or call 907-481-7551.

  • Kodiak Strong Poster Design Contest

    Kodiak Mayors' Youth Poster Design Contest Get creative and design a poster to encourage safe practices in response to the COVID - 19 pandemic. Use your art to show the community how you stay safe & Kodiak Strong! Cash prizes in each age group!

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak

    Can’t Touch This Everybody does it. I know I’m guilty. It is human nature. We might say we don’t, but we do. We touch our faces. A lot. It is estimated that we touch our faces on average about 23 times per hour. We scratch, we pick, we rub. Sometimes we touch our face instinctively when we are anxious or stressed. Sometimes we are even compelled to touch other people’s faces. While there may be many theories about why we do it, there is no denying that we do it. But why is it a problem?

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak.

    Keeping our kids fed. If you spend enough time talking to KIBSD Superintendent Larry LeDoux, you start to notice some recurring themes. These include his dislike of broccoli and his ability to turn pretty much any topic into a science lesson. But probably his most repeated theme is: making the welfare of Kodiak’s kids priority number one. Nowhere is this message more abundantly clear than when we take a look at the School District’s current Free Breakfast and Lunch Program. KIBSD has a variety of discounted meal plans for students when school is in session but has always offered free meals during school breaks. However, in light of the financial situation created by COVID-19 for many families, the decision was made to make meals free through the end of the school year.

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak.

    The Importance of Rainbows. I first noticed the rainbows on Facebook a little over a week ago. A friend had shared a post about a movement to get people to put rainbows up in their windows during quarantine. According to the post, which was originally shared by Kodiak resident Katie Kesling, the rainbows were based on a campaign in Italy to bring hope to residents in a country hit hard by COVID-19. The typically handmade rainbows were usually accompanied by the phrase “andra tutto bene” which translates to “everything will be ok.” Kesling suggested the rainbows in Kodiak would help “share joy” and let us “stay connected while social distancing.” Kids were encouraged to go on rainbow hunts with their families and see how many they could discover.

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak.

    Behind the Scenes. Today I would like to talk about the impact the coronavirus has had on education and what it takes to keep the learning process going during this global crisis. According to a recent article in Time Magazine, around 87% of all the world’s students, over 1.5 billion kids, are currently unable to attend classes. In Kodiak, some 2300 students are affected including kids in rural communities. So, what do you do when you have several months left in the school year but everyone has been ordered to stay home? Well, if the students can’t come to school then school has to come to the students.

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  • Learn. Together. Kodiak.

    Hi, my name is Malcolm Bennett. I am the author of a new ongoing blog post entitled Learn. Together. Kodiak. provided by the Kodiak Island Borough School District. The goal of this new post is to not only provide necessary updates from the school district but also to share stories of success and inspiration from our community, our state and around the world.

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