Kodiak Island Borough School District and Trillium Learning Partnership

World Bridge Project Director

  • Ron Fortunato
    (862) 222-2233




  • Authentic Learning Opportunities for Kodiak Middle and High School Students. 

    The World Bridge projects provide amazing opportunities for our students to get involved with real-world, real-time scientific research projects.


    Global Earthquake Forecasting System (GEFS)

    In September, Kodiak students were involved in setting up the first two pre-earthquake sensor platforms of their kind in the world – one located at the high school, and the second at Old Harbor School. Currently, students are designing, testing, and monitoring a range of sensors that together may help identify changes in the earth’s surface that occur before an earthquake. This new initiative may actually allow scientists to forecast seismic events. The students collaborate directly with NASA Ames Research Center, Intelesense Technologies, and the European Space Agency.


    CubeSats - Micro Satelites

    Students are currently designing small satellites that will be constructed on site over the next several months. They will be launched from weather balloons into high altitude/low earth orbits. Students will track and monitor their CubeSats, and gather data to expand and enhance the GEFS project. Students will partner with NASA, the Kodiak Launch Complex, and Alaska Aerospace.


    Nano Agriculture

    Students are beginning the design process for conducting experiments with various types of plants, both in a greenhouse (at the High School) and outside (at the golf course). They will determine optimal conditions for growth by testing soil treated with enzymes designed to cleanse and enhance the soil. They will gather and analyze experimental data, and share their research with scientists at a global agriculture research organization. Students will also partner with the US Coast Guard.



  • Ron Fortunato speaks about 'A World Bridge Project' in Amherst, Massachusetts.