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  • Old Harbor is a coastal, Alaskan maritime community of some 230 individuals. We are located on the Southeast Coast of Kodiak Island, 70 air miles southwest of the City of Kodiak. We are a community that relies on the natural resources of our surrounding sea and upland environment for our livelihood. The sea also provides us with our main means of transportation and access. It is important to note that Old Harbor can only be reached by marine or air transportation. There are no roads leading to Old Harbor.


    There are approximately 76 separate households in Old Harbor.   Economically the town is based around three themes - fishing industry, tourism, and services to the community.  Fishing families harvest salmon, cod, crab, halibut and sell to companies outside the community. Tourism provides employment through two lodges, two bed and breakfast establishments, and several hunting and fishing outfitters. Most families are connected to the culture and live a subsistence lifestyle. Community services are mentioned above.


    Old Harbor School serves students in grades K - 12.  We have 5 regular Education teachers, one special education teacher, one counselor, three paraprofessionals, a secretary/cook, a day man/custodian, custodian and a principal.  We are the Old Harbor Lynx, and offer mixed volleyball, basketball, and a Christmas play.  The community also offers wrestling to our students.  In addition to the above extra-curricular activities, we participate in the spelling bee, and the Kodiak College and Career Fair, and have a strong Battle of the Books team.


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    That our students deserve the best education possible to achieve at their highest potential.


    We believe that our students deserve to feel a powerful sense of belonging in our school and our community.


    We believe that our students deserve the highest possible preparation for post-secondary education.


    We believe in learning to lead and leading to learn for all.