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Kodiak Regional Learning Center!

The KIBSD Correspondence/Homeschool Program is currently accepting enrollments for the 2014-15 school year.  For more information please call 481-6111 or email Lisa Cavan (Elementary/Middle School) or Jennifer Fogle (High School) for more information.

The KIBSD Learning Center/Correspondence Study Program is essentially a multi-faceted educational opportunity that not only encompasses our homeschool/correspondence population, but also seeks to fulfill the unique and varied needs of Kodiak High School, Kodiak Middle School, and Learning Café students.

Learning Center
A majority of students who access the Learning Center are Kodiak High School students.  The Learning Center can offer students a variety of independent learning options, but students should be self-motivated and ready for this type of situation. Independent learning is not for everyone. The Learning Center also works in conjunction with other agencies and programs to better help students access the wide variety of educational opportunities available in the Kodiak community. Students are are interested in obtaining more information about the Learning Center should meet with their KHS counselor.

Homeschool/Correspondence Study
A full-time homeschool/correspondence student is one who receives their schooling at home with the assistance of their family. The purpose of this program is to provide a K-12 schooling option that allows parents to select from a wide range of traditional homeschooling and/or cyberschool options. Local homeschool students have access to KIBSD extra-curricular activities.

Please click here for an overview of this program.

Kodiak Regional Learning Center
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