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Welcome to Main Elementary School, home of the Eagles!


The vision for Main Elementary School is for every student to have the opportunity for achievement, personal growth and enrichment with a well-qualified staff and efficient and effective communication among staff, students, families, and community.

Each child walking through the halls at our school brings with them his or her unique elements of culture that they share with us. As a dedicated school unit, Main Elementary School nurtures and responds to each child's needs to then celebrate successes.

We have various school/business partnerships or interagency partnerships that have enriched services to our students and the families of Main Elementary School. Kiwanis Club presents Terrific Kids awards to students reaching their personal goals. Our U.S. Coast Guard Partners in Education group donates many hours during our celebrations as well as volunteering in the classrooms several hours per week.

Our PTO sponsors our Book Fairs and various Family Nights, with activities such as ice skating and family dance night. Our wellness team has sponsored Family Swim Nights and an ice skating night.

Main Elementary, a community of learners, is focused on meeting District Mission and on instilling Main Elementary Vision in all that is Main Elementary - children, families, friends of Main Elementary, volunteers and the community of dedicated support faculty and staff that work with our children day in and day out.

We believe as Dr. Martin Luther King once said, that "...children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

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Main Elementary School
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