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April 2013

Rachael Lanigan

I must borrow a minute of your time to tell you of the marvelous experience I just had visiting you schools to adjudicate the solo and ensemble festival at Kodiak High School. The efforts of Rachael Lanigan and the staff which assisted her did a superb job putting this all together.

I must add that what I witnessed was leagues beyond what I had anticipated. What Ms. Lanigan has accomplished in her first year is truly astounding. Her students were all prepared, radiated a love for music and their teacher and were a delight to work with. Many of them advanced to the State Festival in Anchorage at UAA in May. I understand that this has been a rare event in Kodiak.

You have a true gem in Rachael Lanigan. We will continue to work together to bridge the gap between Kodiak and the State through opportunities at UAA and through the Arts Council for the music students of Kodiak.

Thank you for all you have done to grow this program and more importantly, protect it.
I look forward to working together more in the future with Ms. Lanigan and her wonderful students.

Submitted by: Dr. Lee Wilkins,  Music instructor at UAA

Stephen Foreman

Stephen is a wonderful role model for all students.  He has a gift for providing students with feedback in a positive way.  I appreciate his work with teaching students how to be peer mediators.  Recently I witnessed this process with a student I have.  He called the mediators and the student in for a luncheon and allowed the students to problem solve an issue.  Everyone left feeling as though they have the tools to be supportive to one another while expecting the best from each and every student.  He is the best!

Submitted by: Fran Yates-March, North Star Elementary School

February 2013

"Cherie Osowski has done an incredible job as our Library Aide.  We are fortunate to have an "over-qualified" person in this position.  She has a degree in journalism and has been a life-long voracious reader.  Her ability to select new books and recommend books to students makes her very valuable.  She manages the Scholastic Reading Program and coordinates Main Elementary's Battle of the Books.  Each year she designs some kind of reading incentive program.  Last year students who met their Reading Counts goals had "Lunch With the Librarian" on Fridays. On Early Release Days she had a reading club.  This year she has designed reading bingo cards for each lexile level.  Cherie has worked for KIBSD for many years; first as the Sub Facilitator and then as a Title I Reading Aide. Kodiak Island Borough School District is blessed to have this woman exceeding her job description."

Submitted by: Marcia Putney, Reading Specialist at Main Elementary School

Anthony White

"Thank you, Anthony, for your time and dedication in setting up a spreadsheet of all my students in Moodle so I can keep better track of their account logins and passwords!  I appreciate it tremendously!"

Submitted by: Lindsey Cassidy, 8th grade English teacher at KMS

January 2013

"Colin is in his first year as Karluk's school psychologist at which he is doing a fantastic job. That is worth recognition in itself, but I wanted to say thanks for the love and caring he shows to the students while he is out visiting us. He eats with the kids and always plays at recess time with them, which makes them very happy. If there are students that he doesn't get to work with individually because they aren't on his caseload, he takes extra time to do something special with them so they won't feel left out. He takes getting weathered in here in stride and is kind enough to bring the teachers things that are hard to get like fresh fruit. WE APPRECIATE YOU AND ALL YOU DO, COLIN!"

Submitted by: Claudia Scotter, Head Teacher, Karluk

December 2012

"Christy Lyle takes time to sit down with teachers to help them feel comfortable and confident with teaching math and closing those gaps in order to help students succeed in the general education setting. She came into my room and ran a lesson on basic multiplication for three of my low students. We are using what she taught us everyday and my students are successful with these skills, even "teaching" students in ther general education settings what they are are doing in my room. It is so amazing how one little skill is making such a difference. I can't thank Christy enough for the time she spends with the district's students."

Submitted by: Bridget McMillen, Peterson Elementary School Teacher 

 "I am setting up Peterson Elementary's Santa Shop on Friday, after being home sick, and Desiree Smude helped me SO much by running the PTA meeting, coordinating bakers for the bake sale, volunteers for the Santa Shop AND doing the reindeer fliers! I would never have been able to do it all this week without her! She has truly been a lifesaver. Thank you Desiree!"

Submitted by Barb Locke (PTA President and Aide II)

November 2012
"Thank you Anthony White for supporting the rural schools with awesome VTC/Vidyo/Skype integration and always being there for us!"

Submitted by Rural School Secretary Amber Friel 
October 2012

"Thanks Tammy for helping me organize my "Strength in Number" bin.  I appreciate you as well as the East School Strength in Numbers gals!  YOU ROCK!"

Submitted by: East School teacher Jane Renslo-Ure

"Mrs. Megan Morris and Mrs. Sarah Berard are fantastic team members who embrace the challenge of teaching developmental preschool everyday with enthusiasm and dedication. I have the opportunity to learn from them every day.  They help make me a better teacher and I appreciate their support and positive attitude."

Submitted by: Preschool Teacher Kim Dorner 
May 2012

"Margaret provided quality support for teachers and administrators for staff development to increase the capacity of our staff to  meet student needs.  Her personal dedication and commitment is obvious to all who have worked with her.  KIBSD has improved the strength of our team because of Margaret Reed"

Submitted by Superintendent Stewart McDonald

"Justin Perkins has helped me so many times with computer issues this year.  I just want to acknowledge his kindness and helpfulness to technical novices like myself.  The whole tech department deserves kudos, so thanks to everyone!"

Submitted by Ouzinkie School teacher Martha Cook
"Peggy Azuyak is an amazing person who demonstrates, daily, a "can-do" attitude! Her leadership role in our rural school's student leadership team (SKILLs) has been critical to the success of the program. Peggy's also the Rural Schools National Honor Society Advisor. Here, again she has been amazing. One person making a difference daily!"

Submitted by Rural Schools Principal Phil Johnson


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