The Kodiak Island Borough School District will be accepting bids for Fire Detection and Suppression System Inspection, Yearbook, Photography, Food Supplies, Custodial Supplies, and General Office Supplies. RFQ’s can be found at Below or KIBSD Business Office, 722 Mill Bay Road, Kodiak, or contact sdaws01@kibsd.org. Bids submitted to KIBSD Purchasing Department. Bid closes April 17, 2013 at Noon.

 FY14-02-Fire Detection and Suppression Systems Inspections   Fire Detection Attachment #7

 FY14-03-Cafe Food and Supplies  Cafe Food Attachment#2

 FY14-04-School District Photography Services

 FY14-05-Cafe Fresh Milk

 Fy14-06-Custodial Supplies Bid     Custodial Supplies Attachment #3

 FY14-07-Kodiak High School Yearbook Production

 FY14-08-General Office Supplies     General Office Attachment 3


Sandy Daws

Purchasing Supervisor
























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