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The KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH SCHOOL DISTRICT EMPLOYEE HEALTH CARE PLAN has an open enrollment period every August 1-31.

This annual open enrollment period allows covered Employees and their Dependents to change some of their benefit decisions based on which benefits and coverages are right for them. In addition, Employees and their Dependents, who are Late Enrollees, will be able to enroll in the Plan.

Benefit choices made during the open enrollment period will become effective September 1st and remain in effect until the next open enrollment period unless there is a Special Enrollment event or a change in family status during the year (birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption) or loss of coverage due to loss of a spouse's employment.

Benefit choices for Late Enrollees made during the open enrollment period will become effective September 1st.

A Plan Participant who fails to make an election during open enrollment will automatically retain his or her present coverage.

Please stop by the Business Department during the open enrollment period to make changes to your benefit status. Call Nanci Sharratt at 481-6104 with any questions.




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