Migrant Education

 ME-Logo-Blk.pngWelcome to the KIBSD Migrant Education Program

Do you fish, process fish, log, or farm?  Title I-C is a federally funded program serving Migrant Education Students. 

Migrant Education Students are:

  • Children birth to 20 years old who have not graduated from high school.
  • They travel or move with a parent or guardian for commercial fishing, subsistence fishing, fish processing, logging, or farming.  Children over 14 years of age that have also worked in one of these migrant activities may qualify on their own.
  • The move or travel is a minimum of 7 nights &   8 days over the course of a year.  The days and nights do not need to be consecutive or the move/travel may be permanent.
  • In Kodiak the move/travel must be a minimum of 20 miles from the child's home for fishing or fish processing activities.  For logging and farming activities the move/travel must be outside of the Kodiak Island Borough School District Boundaries.  

Please review the eligibility information.  Your family may qualify for Migrant Education Benefits.  

If you are an existing Migrant Education Family, please review the benefits, services, and resources available to your children below. 

If you have questions or need more information about the KIBSD Migrant Education Program please contact the KIBSD Federal Programs Office or one of the School Parent Facilitators.


KIBSD Federal Programs Office
KIBSD Federal Programs Administrator       Steve Doerksen email 481-6208 
KIBSD Federal Programs Secretary      Sue Norton email 481-6205
School Parent Facilitators
Rural Schools Wendy Carstens email 481-6258
Main Elementary Susan Payne email 486-2135 
East Elementary Ann Kirven email 481-6504
North Star Elementary Melissa Magnuson       email 481-2024
Peterson Elementary Natalie Trenery email 481-6405
Kodiak Middle School Betty Hall email 481-2269
Kodiak High School  Heather Lewis   email  481-2504 


Recruitment, Eligibility & Benefit Information:    

New eligible Migrant Education Students can be signed up or "recruited" at any time during the year.  We focus on recruiting new families in the fall, however if you feel you may qualify, please contact us regardless of the time of year. 

Below is information about what Migrant Activities are and other criteria for eligible students and family members.  Take a minute and fill out the Migrant Education Screening Survey and return to the KIBSD Federal Programs Office or deliver to your school's parent facilitator.  It will be reviewed and if we determine you may qualify, a parent facilitator will contact you for more information.  The State of Alaska makes all final determinations regarding eligibility. 


For Parents/Guardians
Informational Brochure
 List of KIBSD Migrant Education Benefits
Migrant Education Screening Survey
 State of Alaska Migrant Education Webpage
 For School Parent Facilitators 
2013-2014 Harvest Manual 
2013-2014 Recruiter Guide
2013-2014 COE 
Kodiak Area Map
Alaska School Districts Map


 Parent Resources:

ELG Info.jpg      


Early Learning Guidelines

Transitioning to Kindergarten: A Toolkit for Early Childhood Educators

Transition to Kindergarten

Terrific Transitions: Supporting Children's Transition to Kindergarten (family and parent pages)

Everyday Times

Getting Ready!



KIBSD Migrant Education iPad Program:

Below are iPad resources for parents and apps for student use.  These apps are available through each Migrant Education iPad's "Self Service" feature.  If you need assistance with your Migrant Education iPad please contact your child's school parent facilitator. 

iPad App Information:                 Parent/Guardian iPad Resources:
Elementary iPad Apps  iPad User's Guide
Secondary iPad Apps How to setup parental controls on the iPad
Tools, Media Resources Apps               Creating an iTunes Account


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