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You Made My Day!

  • Every day our employees do great things.  Often, those contributions can go unnoticed.  Not anymore!  Any community member or employee in the District can share a story of appreciation for an employee and why their contribution made a lasting impression.


    Share your story using our "You Made My Day" submission form.

  • Stewart McDonald, Johnathan Strong, Robin Baxter, Heather Bogardus, Kendra Bartz, Amber Schmidt, Marilyn Gail, Mike Hautala and Alice Aga, You Made My Day!

    First of all, I have to say Quyannasinaq! Truly a big thank you from my heart to yours. KIBSD does care and love our students and cares for each of their employees. My son and I have experienced a very difficult year with grieving and loss, and being cut off living in a rural area it can be a very isolating feeling. At inservice training Stewart gave a speech in regards to how KIBSD supports the students. It really got my attention and I really listened and said Lord is this the answer I'm looking for? It brought Johnathon Strong our youth advocate to mind and I texted him. He got back in touch and we talked, needless to say doors opened. Staff came and supported me and my son. Kendra and rural staff Quyanna for all your love care and support. I see the care and compassion in all you do. I'm grateful and thankful for having this opportunity to work with each and every one of you. Sincerely, Teresa Carlson a very grateful mother and happy employee.

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  • Kim Hanisch, You Made My Day!

    Every time I interact with Kim, she stretches and encourages me. She made a trip out to Ouzinkie on Feb. 21 and shared lots of good ideas with me from her observations. I really appreciate her style in how she communicates in every situation I've seen her in. After her visit I am feeling motivated and excited to keep learning how to do my job better.

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