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You Made My Day!

  • Every day our employees do great things.  Often, those contributions can go unnoticed.  Not anymore!  Any community member or employee in the District can share a story of appreciation for an employee and why their contribution made a lasting impression.


    Share your story using our "You Made My Day" submission form.

  • Steve Vargo and Travis Kepley, You Made My Day!

    Travis and Steve flew out to address various maintenance jobs that had been requested on School Dude. We were lucky to have them here all week. They worked very hard during cold weather to haul fuel from the air strip to our tank. We had been struggling with a boiler that just refused to work right and were able to get heat back in our rooms at the right temperature. They fixed 3 lights at the back of the school that no one else has been able to fix and there is light there for the first time this year. We knew Steve from past jobs and always welcome his friendly face and the way he works above and beyond what is necessary. We got to know Travis for the first time since we didn't get to see him over the summer when he was out and are happy to say he is just as great as Steve. While they were waiting for a plane to come out after their work was finished, Travis got out a scooter and made the kindergarteners day. Someone new to play with! Thanks so much, guys.

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  • Sue Norton, You Made My Day!

    Sue is usually the first person that greets you when you enter KMS, she is pleasant and always willing to help. I've been in there several times when she's talking to students and she's courteous with them and very gentle. She is a great ambassador for our district and I appreciate her very much.

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  • Wes Hanna, You Made My Day!

    Mr. Hanna is in charge of Drama Club, and they were having a meeting at lunch. A student of mine really wanted to go, but she was too shy. I asked Mr. Hanna if it was okay if I brought the student to meet him during class so she would be more comfortable. He's always so busy, but he took time to sit down with her, and talk about her ideas and concerns. He was patient, kind, and incredibly welcoming. My student left the meeting excited to try drama. I am very grateful to Mr. Hanna for being generous with his time.

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Cama’i Qik’rtamen!

  • Welcome to the Kodiak Island Borough School District. We are a K-12 public school district located on Kodiak Island in beautiful Alaska.

Calendar Input Survey for 2017/18 and 2018/19 School Years

  • The District is seeking your input on proposed calendar drafts for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 school years.  These proposals are in response to survey input received in Fall 2016.  Your feedback is an important part of this process and we hope you will take a moment to participate.


    The survey will close at 5:00 pm on Friday, February 10, 2017.  Information collected through the survey will be summarized and reported to the Board of Education for their consideration.


    Calendar Survey Link



Open Notice for Administrator and Teacher Evaluation Forms

  • As part of the KIBSD Evaluation and Continuous Growth System, the District has developed feedback forms for parents, community members, students, and staff members. Submissions will be accepted until 5:00pm on Friday, March 31, 2017. Forms are available at the following links:





District-wide News & Announcements

District Spotlight

  • KMS students receive 2nd quarter Rotary Youth Merit Award

    Service. Dependability. Leadership. These are the special character traits the Kodiak Rotary is celebrating when its members bestow the Rotary Youth Merit Award upon six deserving Kodiak Middle School students — two students per grade level — each quarter. The students are nominated for the award by their grade-level teachers.

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  • KHS students to take MAP tests on Jan. 20

    Friday, Jan. 20, will be a testing day for Kodiak High School students in grades 9, 10 and 11, who will be taking the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests in Reading, Language Usage and Mathematics.

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  • 100-point grading scale: Why it doesn’t work

    Educators agree that student grades should paint a realistic picture of how student effort and ability relate to achievement and promote learning.  After all, shouldn’t student grades be a meaningful measure of student achievement?  Still, there is a debate in education as to what that meaningful measure is and how it is generated. Clarity is essential, and there are certain questions educators must ask themselves in the creation of their grading systems:

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  • Stewart McDonald named finalist for 2017 National Superintendent of the Year

    Kodiak Island Borough School District Stewart McDonald has been named one of four finalists for 2017 National Superintendent of the Year.

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  • KIBSD’s Marilyn Davidson wins ‘Governor’s Award for the Arts & Humanities’

    Kodiak Island Borough School District’s Assistant Superintendent Marilyn Davidson has a particular love of the arts. As a former music teacher, this is not surprising. Arts education is her calling, and she based her career on the belief that arts education is vital for every student, providing creative opportunities for learners to understand their own humanity.

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Celebrating Academic Excellence


Our Mission

  • The Kodiak Island Borough School District, in close cooperation with our diverse island community, exists to provide an educational program of the highest standard that empowers all students to achieve personal and academic excellence while developing their full potential as responsible, productive citizens.